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The Association of America-Israel Chambers of Commerce comprises the largest America-Israel business network. Collectively, we create millions of dollars in new trade and investments each year, represent thousands of companies and individuals who share an interest in America-Israel business and promote America-Israel trade.

When you decide to pursue America-Israel business, we are your first call.

Although heated Middle Eastern politics makes headlines, America-Israel business is quantitatively the largest part of America-Israel relations. The United States and Israel will do approximately $20 billion in trade in 2005, dwarfing the roughly $2.5 billion of US governmental aid to Israel this year.

Since 2000, Israel has been the largest American trading partner in the Middle East, larger than American trade with Saudi Arabia, including US oil imports. Today, there are more Israeli companies listed on American securities exchanges than any country after the US and Canada. America-Israel relations are based on common values; democracy, free markets and the rule of law. Business is the manifestation of the strong values shared by Americans and Israelis.

Our network comprises America-Israel chambers of commerce and governmental agencies which have Israel as a focus. Each member of our association specializes in its territory, therefore inquiries should be directed to the Association member in the territory about which you or your company is inquiring. A list of Association members and their contact information is available on this web site.

If you would like The America-Israel Chamber to help promote your business, consider advertising in the Business Supporters Category of our website.The Business Supporters category is $100 for the year. Contact: linda@israeltrade.org

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